Poetry and music from Upper Coquetdale

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Somethin’ in the Watta’

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This CD features James’ Northumbrian dialect poetry. It also includes two songs with words and music written by James, and two songs with words by the late Billy Bell, who lived in Byrness from 1862 until 1941, and worked as a roadman.

The poem ‘The Night We Spent in Coquet Watter’ caught James’ attention as it relates events which his ancestors at Barrowburn would have been involved in.

Bell’s poem ‘My Bonnie Shepherd Lad’ is another which James set to music and is sung beautifully by his good friend Julie Chapelhow.

‘Wishing Star’ was composed by a pupil of James’, Talitha Sharrocks, formerly of Northumberland and now resident in Abu Dhabi!. James taught piano to Talitha, her brother and her mother for three and a half years.

There are 33 tracks on the CD.

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