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The World of Lightness

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The World of Lightness is James's first attempt at writing fiction and is aimed mainly at children aged around 8-12 years old. It stems from a dialect musical project he did with local schools, funded by the North East Endowment for Musical Traditions fund, at the Community Foundation. The story is based on the fabled 'Duergar of Simonside,' and tells of their history and redemption. 

Beneath the majestic Simonside Hills, dwells an ancient civilization - a race of dwarfs known as the Duergar. Said to play tricks on those who dare to walk the hills at night, they’re thought to be mere legend.

One night, Talitha learns otherwise. What do they want with her Wishing Star, the tiny pendant one day found lying on her windowsill? Are they as sinister as the legends say? And what else lies in wait across those windswept hills?