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When the Walls Come Down

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'When the Walls come down' is an album recorded over two years at the Coquetdale Music Trust in Thropton. It features sound engineer Adam Forster on drums and Ally Lee on lead guitar. All other instruments are played by James. Different in style from his other musical works, this album reflects James's love of songwriting in the indie/pop style. Some songs are largely personal, with the second and third tracks written after the passing of his Grandparents. The song 'Green Fields' alludes, for instance to when James's Grandad used to take him out walking in the local fields when he was little. The song was written straight after his Grandad's funeral. Observations of his beloved river Coquet creep subtly into some of the other songs, and in the second half of the album, there may be said to be an optimistic outlook with a theme of rebirth and renewal – apt, perhaps, for the times we are living in.

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